Gegužės 28, 2024

The powerful AUDRA is coming: what you shouldn’t miss during this culturally rich week?

The powerful AUDRA is coming: what you shouldn’t miss during this culturally rich week?

June 5-9 the contemporary city festival AUDRA will take over Kaunas for the 3rd time: in both regular and exclusive locations, this year there will be no shortage of important musical performances, industrial spaces, or visual art exhibitions and performances that will revive the walls; there will even be coffee tastings, tours or fashion presentations. It is easy to get lost in the programme of the largest contemporary city festival in the Baltic States, which lasts more than 100 hours, so we publish 10 recommendations of the most important events.

10. Brunch with a special festival donut

Besides the Church of St. Michael the Archangel is a bakery of the famous chef Dovydas Vaisovas – Habits Bakery – which has become well known during these past few years. Together we will have the tastiest collaboration of the festival: our neighbours will offer not only delicious food, but a festival donut as well. On June 8, 10:00-14:00 the visitors’ ears will be delighted by the musical selections of Aurėja and Daniel Ocean.

9. Dancing with Berlin radio – Refuge Worldwide

The visitors of AUDRA know that Refuge Worldwide taking over M. Žilinskas Art Gallery yard always becomes an incredible event under the stars, that attracts tons of people. This years’ free Thursday dances will feature both local and foreign artists, such as Ton Globiter, Art Cue, Tadan and the inventor of Refuge Worldwide – Richard Akingbehin.

8. Traditional event for young artists – Half Song Festival

Half Song Festival will be celebrating its 6 year tradition that supports beginning artists, who are not yet known. The bravest participants and their voices will be judged by this years’ panel of Tomas Narkevičius (Free Finga), Dominyka Motiejūnaitė (MB “Žiauru”) and Domantas Starkauskas (Abudu).

7. Free musical programme in Ąžuolynas park on Saturday

AUDRA can’t happen without day time musical activities, so this years programme will once again shine in the biggest Oak park in Europe – Ąžuolynas. In the live stage we will see well known Lithuanian artists like Kamanių Šilelis, Lukas Pilkauskas and a guest from abroad – Jitwam. From noon til the evening visitors will be able to dance in the disco stage with well know Lithuanian DJs.

6. Night tours – “Kaunas Club Islands” and “Centennial Kaunas Raves”

Where did Kaunas' party culture first become famous? Where did the first and most important DJs of Kaunas establish themselves? Where did the youth of the wild 90s spend their nights to escape from the harsh post-Soviet reality? Jonas Oškinis and Povilas Pauplys (aka Paul Nevermind), the guides of "Unikalus Paveldas" will talk about the underground spots of Kaunas ravers.

5. The great activity programme - with love, from youth to youth

AUDRA has also become inseparable from one of our main partners – "Kylantis Kaunas", located in the organisational background of "Kaunas 2022", which has successfully grown up and continues its activities and breakthroughs for the events of the European Capital of Culture. In addition to the already traditional activities, this year we also have innovations: "Kavacoolierius" on the rails, the creativity activation workshop "Bloomerangas", research on "The Border of Shame", etc.

4. Dancing in a gallery and a factory

The night dances became the most important and biggest crowd-pulling part of AUDRA. This time, we will open not only the spaces already known and loved by all Lithuanian visitors in the "Pergalė" factory on Saturday night, but also the unseen spaces of the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, which are not yet open to visitors due to renovation, on Friday. The venues will host stars KiNK Live, Shackleton Live, Gabber Modus Operandi Live, Space Afrika Live, Moxie, Chaos In The CBD, Octo Octa and more.

3. Discussions with the electronic music magazine “Resident Advisor”

Perhaps the world's most popular electronic music magazine "Resident Advisor" is coming to Kaunas once again: after looking around last year, the guests decided that this year they would like to contribute to the festival programme with one of their most popular sections – "Resident Advisor Exchange Live". And there will be something to listen to: one conversation will be moderated by music critic and techno star Chloe Lula, and the equally well-known DJ IMOGEN will answer. The focus of the next talk will be the coexistence of art and electronic music.

2. Art programme of the festival

The returning art program will be located in two locations – the metal factory "Pergalė" and the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, near the main musical highlights of AUDRA. European choreographers will present a performance program at the steel factory, and a group of contemporary art creators, curated by Tautvydas Urbelis, will immerse themselves in the fragmentary world at the branch of the National M.K. Čiurlionis Art Museum.

1. Composer David August’s performance in the VDU Great Hall

The essential and most expensive opening event of the festival will once again invite you to the seated and cosy Great Hall of VDU this year. Here we will see the Italian-German composer, producer, sound engineer, DJ and professional pianist David August. In Kaunas, he will present his latest album "VĪS", drawing the boundaries of ambient and experimental music. A kinetic audiovisual experience with supporting choreographer Franka Marlene Foth and visual artist Marcel Weber (aka MFO).