May 23, 2024

The formula of AUDRA – 16 cultural events, 10 different locations and more than 70 hours of action.

The formula of AUDRA – 16 cultural events, 10 different locations and more than 70 hours of action.

The forecast of June in Kaunas – concerts, raves, cultural events, performances, art installations and more than a hundred artists from Lithuania and abroad meeting in Kaunas. Contemporary city festival AUDRA will flood Kaunas on June 5-9 and today the organisers present the full programme.

The festival will present loads of both new and traditional events in various locations around the city - from the traditional festival locations like M. Žilinskas Art Gallery and metal factory “Pergalė” to new unseen places, such as the funicular of Kaunas, the Bank of Lithuania and Ąžuolynas library book storage tower.

In total, AUDRA promises to give more than 100 hours of non-stop cultural enrichment to the visitors of Kaunas - concerts, parties, VR experiences, excursions, performances, fashion shows and even coffee tasting.

In the spotlight of the stage – Lithuanian and foreign contemporary music stars

During the four nights of the festival, the most prominent DJs, music performers and bands from three continents will take over different stages one after another. Five shows will feature sounds of electronic, ambient, rave-style, trip-hop, pop, psychedelic and experimental music.

On June 5, David August will open the festival with his new album VĪS in VMU Great Hall. On June 6, the fans of electronic music will gather in the terrace of M. Žilinskas Art Gallery – “Laukas”. AUDRA visitors, who have experienced the rhythms of the international radio station Refuge Worldwide, know that their takeover turns into a thunderous party every year. 

The night programme at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery will continue on June 7. The iconic place will open their doors exclusively for the visitors of the AUDRA Festival and on Saturday night, music-hungry visitors will be welcomed by three stages and 12 artists. One of them is Minimal Mondays creator, one of the organisers of the AUDRA Festival, veteran of electronic music – Nerijus SHN – a producer based in Berlin, as well as the best DJ of the year 2018 Objekt, the authentic Octo Octa, who will visit us from the USA and loads of other prominent artists. 

From a stormy night to a bright new day on June 8 the audience of AUDRA will be transported to Ąžuolynas for a free concert. Lukas Pilkauskas will present his new album, basked in the Italian sun. Visitors will see Kamanių Šilelis, filled with a mash of psychedelic and folklore rhythms. Jitwam will also take awe of the visitors of the most beautiful park in Kaunas.

After the warmup in Ąžuolynas, we will continue the dance programme in the famous metal factory “Pergalė”. One of the most anticipated parties of the festival will let the visitors see dance music stars from the United Kingdom – Moxie and NIKS, a duo from Australia – Chaos In The CBD, one of the best techno and house funk DJs from Bulgaria – KiNK, the European star IMOGEN, main Uzbekistan electronic dance persona SABINE with a bunch of Lithuanian names – Cport Cistema x Fiorini, Mountak x V, Times New Roman, Pakas x Mantas T and Alex Krell.

Contemporary culture – in a contemporary city

16 cultural events, 10 different locations of Kaunas and more than 70 hours of cultural experiences – all these activities will be a part of the festival. Traditional Audio Sessions Under the Stars or yearly Half Song Festival, performances and concerts will be complemented by folklore choir, retro rave spaces and many more. 

June 6-8 are filled with many more activities: Kaunas funicular will welcome baristas and coffee lovers. Even more unique city locations will be visited with guides, who will show the history of Kaunas night time for a limited time. Art installations, activities and workshops will take place in Kaunas Artists’ House, the Museum of Lithuanian Education, night club Lizdas and even the stairs of Vytautas park.

For art lovers – a joint exhibition and an abundance of spicy performances

The art programme of the AUDRA Festival will take place in two different locations – metal factory “Pergalė” and M. Žilinskas Art Gallery.

The performances of the metal factory “Pergalė” will remind us about the carnal and sensual nature of the industrial world. Moving between metal machines and cranes, artists will bring long-forgotten spaces back to life saturated with contemporary art. Perspective and sharp European performers, boldly diving into new projects, masters of movement, will present a performance programme in the metal factory “Pergalė”.

Meanwhile, for four days in M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the head-spinning visions of a joint exhibition by curator Tautvydas Urbelis and exhibition architect Vladas Suncovas. The scenography of the gallery will be created by a handful of contemporary art creators. Visitors will be invited to walk through the labyrinths of architects’ installations, computer-generated images, sounds, illusions of expressions and visual illusions on three floors of the gallery.